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Honeywell vs MovinCoolRecently we’ve noticed that the weather is getting much warmer. That means that it’s time to put away those winter heaters and start pulling out your summer coolers. For most of you that means air conditioner, and for most of you you know how to properly keep your area consistently cool.

In the home air conditioning department you will notice that there are quite a few brand new machines available on the market. Though, when you look at the industrial side of things you will realize that there aren’t as many new commercial AC products available. We know, if it gets hotter in your home or in your office then your server room must be suffering, and we completely understand that. On the flip side that just means that commercially built air conditioners are much more durable and don’t need to be upgraded every few years.

Consistently powerful and effective commercial portable air conditioner brands include Ideal-Air, Koldwave and MovinCool. These manufacturers have been around over 20 years and have been to go to suppliers for many companies around the world. If you own a business then we definitely recommend that you check out either one of these manufacturers before you decide to go anywhere else for your air conditioning needs.

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We believe that reading reviews is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge about any product. after reading about a few you start to gain a good feeling for which machines might work best for you and your situation. When we say situation we mean your room. Knowing your room is one of the most important steps to finding a good AC and should never be overlooked.

Once you know your room, you know what you need, where to place it and how long you need to use it.

For more information on server room cooling, office cooling or even for keeping your warehouse school, check out the links following this article.

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